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Unusual Terms-A Fan’s Vocabulary

Fandom-A certain TV series, book, movie, anime, manga or something similar that a group of people are fans of (it can make a group). Their relationship to each other varies from family-like to some kind of rivalry.

Ex. Pokemon has a fandom. You can be part of this fandom.

Fanfiction-A false story made my a fan of a certain fandom

Fangasming-When one “freaks out” over one’s fandom or an occuring event, and therefore starts to ‘fangasm’.

Fangirling-Very similar to fangasming. When someone starts to fawn over or plain freak out over a fandom or event that has happened in one.

Canon-Something that is not (yet) real by the particular fandom’s creator

Pairing-Two things that someone believes has a sort of relationship. It can be described as different things.

Shipping-Similar to/the same as a pairing. Actually can be used in many parts if speech.

Ex: (noun) I sunk that ship (meaning someone has sabotaged another’s pairing)

Ex: (verb) I ship this (someone believes in two people getting together) There’s more but I would rather not delve into it.

OTP- One True Pairing. A pairing that a fan loves above all others. Some people have more than one or one per fandom, depends on the person.

Tsundere-Someone that has an “outer shell” that you must break through to get them to be nice. They have a secondary way of treating people closer to them.

Yandere-Someone that would use violent/crazy means to get someone  to return their affection false or not.

Ah Uhm… That’s all I really can think of off the top of my head. I hope it helps you understand my “language”. Do tell if there’s more to put, this is actually quite entertaining.

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