Music is in the Air


BATMAN MOVIE AT 10:30 WITH A CONCERT FOLLOWING! Separate kind of movie review will follow, definitely not as sophisticated as my other one but screw it! I feel pretty lazy today Summarizes that. Taking the bus again tomorrow so effing pissed whenever I have to. It’s so ANNOYING. I need to go by B&N anyway. […]

Never Again

I took 4 buses and walked in scorching heat with a black saxophone case upon my back and a black laptop case on my shoulder (that was pointless to bring) as the sun beat down on me. Those are the measures I had to take to get home from music classes. NEVER. AGAIN In other […]


Was beautiful. It was fun and just all out Only I didn’t faint and froth at the mouth… But that gif is just so amusing and happy. So ┬áthe day was like this: Get ready for Concert (Carla did my hair and my skirt was still only half dry…) Concert (In which Zoe and Shmarah […]

Talent Show

GAH THE CROWD WAS SO UNENTHUSIASTIC! IT WAS SO SAD. THEY BARELY LAUGHED WHEN JILL AND TYLER RAN INTO EACH OTHER UNINTENTIONALLY. I should have thrown my fedora up when I was done, and caught it all ninja like. I regret that. And Karina had a faulty microphone, as well as Shannon. I forgot to […]


I got le books from le library~~~ I’m so happy~ But honestly, if they didn’t have the book I woulda just been like NOW I NEED TO READ FAST TO FIND IF JACE AND CLARY ARE REALLY *spoiler*!!! But I have those S.S. scripts to work on… Ah ha ha… Stupid conscience. Screw WORKING. But […]