A Fragment

I just remembered a fragment of my dream last night. Well I was in some closet with awesome clothes and I was like FREE FOR ALL. Then all of a sudden Jamie Campbel Bower (Jace in the upcoming TMI movie) He was like lol this is the closet for the actors staying here and I […]


All this stuff on the sim and the marble hornets and the paranormal books are catching up to me. D: DAMN YOU PAT. I was starting with some kind of explanation/motive as to why I was going all assassin and trying killing this guy. At some points I was at dance class, but ya know, […]


I just had a dream with Roy Mustang, Riza Hawkeye, and an Egyptian god… dang that’s weird we were like riding a subway…  they were like bodyguards of this girl… I think they were the children from Red Pyramid. I was talking to Bast… the Egyptian god o.o that was one of the most random […]

My Dream

I’M SORRY I HAVEN’T UPDATED! Dx  wanted to tell you about a dream I had… I ACTUALLY REMEMBERED ONE!! Idk we were in England and Julie Andrews was my Master an I was a housekeeper/maid (ahha Oh Shmarah i wanna see your face) of some sort so we went in a show all of us […]