Daily Stuff


Sniff. The whole cast of TMI was there and I missed it. Lily Collins nooooo. Also Andrew Hussie signing=MISSED. TOM HIDDLESTON DRESSED UP AS LOKI=OPPORTUNITY GONE TO SEE IN PERSON. THIS SUCKS I AM CRying Ok in other news I got my top braces off. Yaaaay~~ Bad news: my retainer is annoying and doesn’t fit […]

Nothing Much

When you feel like blogging, you feel like blogging. So I had a dance performance yesterday and we were fabulous and in sync and we were great and no one can tell me otherwise because it was amazing. Ok I’m just tired and stressed and I’m conducting the band tomorrow when I just barely practiced […]

This Generation Though

Long time no see I actually felt like blogging so… Hoodlums were calling us out as we were just trying to film a project like jeez. Best sass of the day was when the ball rolled toward us I told them to fetch, they denied they were dogs, but I replied: “You’re acting like one” […]

Adventures in Hannah’s Car

THE GIFS ARE BACK! FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN BECAUSE IT’S HANNAH’S CAR IT’S ALWAYS A PARTY! But!… Apparently there are rules and one is that Laura, a very petite Asian girl, always gets shotgun even in there are much larger people in the 5 seater car. That left Zoe, Chris, Caleb and I in […]



Well this Week is /is Going to continue to be Hell…

But don’t I think that every week and keep to myself? Maybe I should stop there but certain people pressure me to update so.. In other news I’ve gotten 12th chair in the Ridgewood Orchestra… Highest chair ever. Last year there. Even though my audition sucked. Ensemble auditions. Probably didn’t get in. Only two soprano spots. I’m […]

Waah I haven’t been posting whatsoever

Hi. Uhm. HAPPY LATE END-RESCHEDULED HALLOWEEN RIGHT BEFORE ELECTION DAY! School is annoying and time consuming and ugh. BUT HERE IS A POST WOOT! So…. Last week I was out of power because of danged Sandy and got power back Saturday. (poor Pat still doesn’t have power D:) It’s only Tuesday and we only have 1 snow […]

Another Day in Aruba

Well I just reread all the Clockwork Princess snippets. THAT WAS SMART OF ME ALL THE FEELS IN FRONT OF MY PARENTS. Well we’re coming back tomorrow at around 5-6. Okay. I need to go school supply shopping and do so much crap when I get home. I’ll finish Lord of the Flies on the […]

Bad Luck in Aruba

Today is my third day in Aruba, and man. I AM TAN SO TAN AGH. No it’s from swimming in Aruba not band camp. But I still got tan from soccer over the summer. No avoiding it. *sighs* Well  yesterday was swimming and grocery shopping because yes, we did bring a rice cooker. Because yes. […]

What a… Nice Day

It all started with an awkward dream and weekly church… Well my uncle and friends over from the Bronx came over for my Uncle’s birthday (not the one that lives with me). We celebrated it here do not question it, I have no answers. Well about 6 or 7 children came with them. From there […]