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^ that was our theme song. We sang it everyday and woke up to it literally at 7:00 (I think… they took away all our sense of telling time. They confiscated watches and phones and electronics and there were no clocks anywhere) they would blast it and we would all wake up to I WANNA BE INNOCENT YOURS WHOLEHEARTEDLY.

ImageOkay I didn’t wake up like that.

ImageMore like this

I’m on Jesus high right now tho guys like I’m really like just give me a week or 2 because I’m on a Jesus high after that retreat. Like I feel like such a brainwashed Catholic and that I’ve sinned. I POKED HOLES INTO JESUS’ FACE *breaks down in tears* I’M SORRY.


BUT I MISSED EVERYONE OH SO MUCH. No you don’t understand I was pretty lonely because I don’t make friends easily and I was just really lonely and things happened over there I’d like to keep to myself. (like me almost crying over reconciliation…)

I’m so glad to be in my house. I just missed everyone I can’t get over it. I couldn’t have any technology and before bedtime everyone was talking to each other, but I didn’t have friends so I was just sitting in my room alone, quiet, wanting to call Shmarah, Zoe, even Spencer or Myke, and wanting a sketch book.

The food was meh and we shared the cafeteria with a Bergenfield retreat BLEH. IN other words too many Filpinos in one room for my liking.

I can’t handle people and making new friends which I was sorta forced to do, but it was fun and I really kinda wouldn’t object to going again, so I signed up for team… Which is the upperclassmen who help out and supervise and blast music. I’m not sure if I can make a speech though and that is required.

But it was tiring. When I got home yesterday I literally ate, restocked my Tiny Tower, and passed out. Until like 10:00 where I went upstairs and re-passed out. That was how tired everyone. I also forgot to take a shower since I was so tired and I felt disgusting when I woke up but Hey I’m well rested and NOW I’m clean.

Okay maybe too much information, but i did not want to take a shower with like two other girls in the other stalls and being pressured to hurry because of guilt of holding up a line….

And now back to the real world and studying for Midterms (not likely)

A Jesus High panda,



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