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Woo! Kenny Rogers!




I was a breath away from Kenny Rogers ūüėõ

You know the usual. Lol jk. Curled hair is pretty. No time to take a shower D: Tired Tired Tired. WAS HUNGRY HUNGRY HUNGRY. I AM SO SORE RN. Like you don’t understand I didn’t have real food since around before 12 P.M. It was painful to stand and stuff. So my heels hurt and so does my neck and back.

I just wanna…



But I want to update on such a milestone blah blah.

But the little girl who had a solo was young Colette on Les¬†Miserables¬†on Broadway okay? (there were three other girls, but that girl was O.O They gave me high fives too.)¬†Her vibrato was absolutely flawless. Like I can’t even do that just I am so¬†incompetent. SHE’S LIKE 7 FOR GOD’S SAKE.¬†

Then we sang and did a photo shoot and the robes. My robe is here in my house because it was 11 when we got  back to the school. 

God then the Torpie test tomorrow. I’m pretty damn busy for a freshman all you people…¬†Yesterday I went from KEnny Rogers practice/rehearsal, to auditions, to helping children tune violins, to calling my father rushingly so I could get home to change for dance, then I finally could go home and do HOMEWORK. Then I blacked out. Only then did I black out on my bed although I was supposed to study for Torpie (since I maaay have a C and there’s a test on Thursday. WHOOPS I mean TODAY.)

Mitz and Shannon too. Woot whatev we got to sing with Kenny Rogers *cries in corner*

Mrs. Scwartz says I can use Kenny Rogers as an excuse. LOL Mrs. Torpie would not let me get away with that. Not while I’m in honors.

Can I miss school tomorrow?


A tired, stressed panda that feels like no one really cares,



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