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You are in a jacket. Why don’t you go next door YOURSELF to deliver the present. Not your daughter who is comfily in pajamas, sitting in her bed, and watching anime. Asking her of this going outdoors in the night RIGHT AFTER making a card for said person.

Because you’re tooootallly not in a winter jacket already and too busy nagging everyone in the household so YOU can’t get off your butt and go next door. I’m hungry. Well. Well. I’m tired, but you drag me outta bed to bring me to pray the rosary. luckily that’s IN the house.

But I don’t like the dark and you expect me to deliver something in my pajamas at 11:00 P.M. next door. HOW FLIPPING RIDICULOUS?! I-I’M GONNA GET ATTACKED BY SLENDERMAN OR SHIA LABEOUF. K. Love you too ma.

In other news a to do list that I should get through and should be actually in my planner.

A “novel” for Chinese

Stop screwing around and procrastinating (LOL)

Night Night Night why so sad. I need notes.

T-shirt for making of  To2C shirt

Pray for my bio grade to go up

Pick pictures for that collage.

Find apps for iTouch


Stop watching Fairy Tail so frequently.

Do better in school.

Some kind of biome project from Mrs. Torpie


It is 11 in the nighttime. And she has decided to go herself. Okay fine. It is 11:00 P.M. mother why would you even.

-A confused panda,


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