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Waah I haven’t been posting whatsoever

Hi. Uhm.


School is annoying and time consuming and ugh. BUT HERE IS A POST WOOT!


Last week I was out of power because of danged Sandy and got power back Saturday. (poor Pat still doesn’t have power D:)

It’s only Tuesday and we only have 1 snow day left great and another storm tomorrow and possible power out. GREAT GREAT.

Today was fun, almost everyone was here (Karina y u no off Mitz y u no defiant Ryan and Mychal AUGH) even Frank, Charlie, Henry, and Nicholas was there~ Weee~

I need to study for Bio *sigh* Good God.

Anyway I went to dance today, like Dance Dimensions dance where people actually know what I can do and I was so rusty and it was so bad and I was spacing out. (grammar flies out of the window on this blog goodness).

About Halloween I was Marceline! I WAS SLVER! WOOOT Yea that was awkward oh well. Zoe and Spencer were cute at least! If only I had actual non cheap paint that wasn’t metallic and glittery, but it was better than nothing!

Almost 11 geez I gotta run and study now *sigh* then SLEEP!~

A tired panda,


P.S. Not gif-ing you people reading for today.


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