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Another Day in Aruba

Well I just reread all the Clockwork Princess snippets. THAT WAS SMART OF ME ALL THE FEELS IN FRONT OF MY PARENTS.


Well we’re coming back tomorrow at around 5-6.

Okay. I need to go school supply shopping and do so much crap when I get home. I’ll finish Lord of the Flies on the plane tomorrow definitely, there’s no wi-fi on the danged thing. I have my DS and they probably will only have one movie I’ll finish it plus notes, it gets bo-o-o-ring

Hmmm well today we went around in our rented car to all the notable tourist landmarks. Souvenir shopping too~

Just saying for anyone who wants to go to Aruba, IT IS AN OVERPRICED PLACE. no one is gonna see that probably, but let me stress. FLEA MARKETS ARE THE PLACE TO GET SOUVENIRS NOT THE MALLS AND STREET VENDORS.

Water and sand is beautiful, but the sun is brutal.

Aaaanywaay. We attended a foreign mass, it was pretty uhm. Aruba’s language is Papiamento. In that mass all I understood was “aqui” and “pero” so ah ha. There was one English snippet, but I don’t know about my facial expressions during that mass.



And then everyone was dressed formally and it was just like




A non Papiamento-speaking panda,



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