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What a… Nice Day

It all started with an awkward dream and weekly church…

Well my uncle and friends over from the Bronx came over for my Uncle’s birthday (not the one that lives with me). We celebrated it here do not question it, I have no answers. Well about 6 or 7 children came with them. From there it turned to Mona’s happy happy daycare. Name credit to Monica, she’s the one who had poor timing and came accidentally with a plate of pasta for me saying “Sorry Mon, I didn’t know that you were running a daycare today…” Well I AM certified.

I mostly had to babysit a loud bunch of children, of which I tried to entertain, but NOPE BABIES CAN’T SIT THROUGH MOVIES. The two girls were okay. The three boys however tested me, and the only way to gain authority and respect was to demonstrate my drawing and flexibility. THEY DON’T SHUT UP. I NEVER WANT A BABY BOY. IF I GET ONE HE IS GOING TO BE TAPED TO A PIANO BENCH OR SOMETHING BENEFICIAL TO HIS YOUTH AND BRAIN.

They kept going on the treadmill that I told them not to go on.

They also kept trying to use my laptop.

And My DS and DSi

They wanted to play my Kingdom Hearts and Pokemon THE NERVE. MY POKEMON ARE BRED AND EV TRAINED THEY WILL NOT GET THEIR INEXPERIENCED HANDS UPON THEM. They kind of got scared when I hissed at them when they asked the question. But don’t mess with my Pokeman.

There was too much food.

My braces hurt.

I need to take vitamin D supplements. And iron to prevent anemia.



I got new running shoes too, good because I have 2 mile running soccer practice Monday and Thursday. BAH WHY.

Okay That’s all I have the patience of writing  guis.

A nursery running panda,



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