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Shmarah Filled Day!

SHMARAH WAS HERE. (Pat, Myke and co were there too but…)




Well anyway, for once I feel GREAT!~ Because I wasn’t lonely and crap


Only you’re not Loki…

Anyway, the reason Shmarah was here was to get to Gibbs where we would discuss Pat’s oh so famed Frankenstein’s Monster movie (did I get that right or am I going to get a starburst hit to my head?)

Patrick is a cruel bring if you didn’t know. If you DID know then this will make you UNDERSTAND HOW FAR HE GOES.

Patrick nolastname owns Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop. Which he just got this morning. I’m sure he wanted to play it, but using it as leverage against me is probably a plus. My house will be used as a setting in the movie… So I can play Dream Drop. Because of the 3DS. This is what I get for not buying one. omahgersh

DAMMIT SQUARE ENIX, I THOUGHT YOU LOVED ME. Cassie says so too, yet she likes to ruin our mental stability.

Anyway it started raining… A lot. (thanks Thor thought you loved me too) and my shoes just HAD to be absorbent and start sloshing. So I walked barefoot to my house with Shmarah. Not as bad as you’d think okay? my feet were actually pretty soft when I came back, and the sidewalk wasn’t’ burning or anything…. And it probably gave me much need foot callous so I wouldn’t cut my feet that much anymore… Aaaand that isn’t weird.

I also started playing this really nice visual novel/otome-ish game with Shmarah in which we gave the characters voices that didn’t suit their appearances whatsoever… BELTS. Anyway the art was so nice and spectacular and I should do the reviews I keep saying I’ll do. . . later

I made a to do list and it had read Lord of the Flies, Draw for my ask blog, look for my running shoes, find a Clockwork Prince audio book and make a workout playlist.

I didn’t find a free audio book. I didn’t read Lord of the Flies either. Nor did I find my running shoes (they are GONE). Get some over the weekend maybe?  I made the workout playlist though!

It rained anyway so I didn’t go to soccer practice.

(explains why I’m blogging right now)

Thanks for THAT one Thor darling. We were gonna run 2 miles today. I made a playlist and found the BE A MAN with the two different languages in two different headphones and put it on my “Running” playlist. Makes me so happy.

Oh Shmarah and I were watching Olympic volleyball and our attention was totally diverted then I looked up and what did I see? I saw a Captain America in the crowd with the fake muscles and everything. Holy flying cabbages it was so beautiful. Like the Mario and Luigi cosplayers at the Soccer Championships (it WAS THE championships right? For soccer.)

We were just flipping out and laughing and I cannot.

Coughs I technically only violated one of my grounded rules. so psh. AND AS SHMARAH POINTED OUT, THIS WAS A PREVIOUS COMMITMENT MHM.

God this is one of my longest posts. Well It WAS Shmarah…. While I was grounded… I didn’t do any stereotypical teenager stuff though. I just had chips. And And I’m a good girl

GUILT but but but yet.

A happy, happy panda (or Hedgehog or chicken if you wanna count those gifs),


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