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So Lonely.

Why am I grounded from Skype. I refuse to cheat. I won’t do it. I can’t go outside either. I don’t like this… I am stranded and under house arrest because I ranted to my mom. I know what NOT to do now. You can come to me for anything my ASS. Okay that’s it to my personal-family life angst.

I feel so lonely omg what am I supposed to do with myself now. I finished Cinder too… So another book to the list. Maybe I’ll do a book review. Who knows.

I’m hungry and bored and I have soccer later, but no ride. I keep troubling Monica agh. I need to find my running shoes. Damn this. No proper equipment.


In other words I’m bored and feel like shit.

How do you run 2 miles in 16 minutes.  That’s inhuman how. I love the girls on my team though, they’re all blonds and sound like it, but they’re so encouraging and nice because teamwork. I have no people skills though… Soooo ah ha ha. They say I’m improving, but thanks let’s go with that.

Agh. I’m going now. geez. This is just a uh you know listing post.

On other notes, the Olympics? Yeah? Reporters must be heartless, camera people too, I mean the poor people are crying and sulking and what do you do? ASK QUESTIONS AND ZOOM IN. How. I don’t even understand.

An unhappy panda,



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