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Food Allergies








Well there was a cupcake and I thought it was caramel. Screw the “I” EVERYONE thought it was caramel. Well I have an obsession of caramel if you all didn’t know. And I’m allergic to peanuts… I don’t exactly know what happens, but I had a reaction when I was little. But I love sweets, so it’s a bad combination.

Well I touched the “caramel” to my tongue and well my tongue started to tingle and get unocmfortable, I don’t know how to explain it. Some touched my throat, and my throat started to get tingly and itchy. Which could have been a sign of my throat closing.

I didn’t swallow the thing, I spat it out. Sooooo yes. I took some Benadrill after and got really sleepy and slept through half of “The Adventures of Tin Tin”

So yea…

Then have soccer today, that’s probably gonna be fabulous… *cries* Okay bye…

An allergic panda,



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