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I’m Stranded at Barnes and Noble

It’s not as fun as I thought. More than five hours is too much.

Only Karina can handle this much reading and live.

Thank Thor I brought my laptop. I have more than an hour left of this blasphemy.

Reading hurts. I read 200+ pages of smart words in Bitterblue. THAT BOOK PLAYED WITH MY FEELS AND I’M IN A PUBLIC AREA AND I COULDN’T FREAK OUT. I was so just bored and brain dead I even peeked at AP mathematics guides because the school board is a douche to me.

I felt obligation to finish the book I had because I took like 5 out form the library yesterday. So six altogether. I need to read through this shiz. I would’ve finished a book if I took a smaller one. But I had to take the 500 paged one. I HAD to.

I’m tired. I wanna go home. I’m finally cleared for soccer too, oh joy. But seriously I need that soccer it’s where I input stress into.

I don’t even have enough energy for a gif. Maybe I’ll fix that when I get home.

An exhasted panda,



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