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I Wasn’t Kidding

Ah so I went for my yearly physical at the Doctor’s… The one I posted about last night. You know I did the usual, forget my glasses to avoid the sight testing, hearing evaluation that I think I failed… Peeing in a cup. Get ashamed of my weight and yearn to get taller.

My pediatrician likes to ask me if you know normal pediatric stuff. Are you smoking, dating, drugs, alcohol. So that brought him to ask me what kind of boys I like.

I told him 2 dimensional…

He thought I was kidding I saw it in his face.

I wasn’t kidding.

All I could think was Thor and William Herondale.

Later he told me to like rich boys… He said if love my mom and that rich is the way to go. And I’m not to kiss anyone until I’m 34 apparently.

An amused panda,



Just for you Shmarah chi I need to get like lots of shots~ 3 for a new immunization to some other disease… HPV I think. Another when I’m sixteen for more immunizations to more fancy named diseases. Also that yearly flu shot that I didn’t take this year. And lastly I need blood works to check if I have anemia…

I have to take iron pills now apparently as well.


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