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All this stuff on the sim and the marble hornets and the paranormal books are catching up to me. D:


I was starting with some kind of explanation/motive as to why I was going all assassin and trying killing this guy. At some points I was at dance class, but ya know, unnecessary I think…. It was all weird I could pick stuff up that I noticed it was video game highlighted and stuff. I picked up a vial of poison and a mini ax.

My remembrance of the dream is foggy, but I know that I had a sister in the thing and there were vampires. I went into the house like a brave Jay but then the vampires started swarming me in each room once I decided to return to the door. There was a different vampire at each door/room I fought and ran through the place. At one point I remember I was really awesome and picked up this large piece of spike wood and then there was this vampire lady and I fake hit her then quickly adjusted my angle as she lunged/dodged.

She was like “Ohhh good one that actually hurt” in a sultry voice.

Then I got bitten or well something happened to make a girl I beat up by using the awesome feint move call to me as I ran out of the house “You won’t be able to resist us you know! You’ll come running back!”

I don’t remember anything after that, but I don’t remember wanting to be by the vamps.

But my dream seemed to reset itself. The next thing I remember was being ninja and poisoning this guy all over again I picked up a tiny ax and the poison drips again and successfully poisoned the guy. As well as thrown the ax at something I dunno.

That’s pretty much all I remember, but you know I updated!~

A remembering, dreaming panda,



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