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Snow White and the Huntsman Review

So change of pace neh? Movie review.

Contains Minor spoilers

Okay let me get all my harsh personal feels out of the way

Okay first of all which wasn’t necessary was that they took away Chris Hemsworth’s natural beautiful accent that is his own way of speaking. They replaced it with a Scottish/Irish accent with many “Aye’s” in the script. They also dare dyed his beautiful, lustrous blond hair. Most likely to fit the grimy aspect.

Chris Hemsworth kissed KRISTEN STEWART. OKAY ONE IT’S KRISTEN STEWART AND Two: he’s old enough looking in the movie to be her uncle or something. That was not appropriate. Natalie Portman was acceptable but this under-matured teenager in twilight? No thank you sir.

On a more comedic note I made “wrong movie” jokes at the cast and skip if you want to~

Kristen Stewart is a vampire why the heck would she be considered pure she’s considered a demon in most stories…

If Chris Hemsworth were Thor he could just throw his hammer and be done with it. Heck he would be a GOD.

Thor Thor Thor Thor Thor Thor.

Okay onto my actual insight.

I think that the graphic, special effect, and scenery team did so well. The art in the movie was beautiful and shone largely. The cast played their parts thoroughly and solidly as well. However that’s all the compliments I can give the movie.

The plot and character development lacked greatly and there were many gaps that should have been filled. In addition to that the pacing was similar to Korra, B.A.D. They stretched some parts that didn’t seem to need to be stressed, yet kept some things that needed to be explained more short. A lot of things were unexplained in the movie as a whole.

As for Pacing. One minute we have Snow White in her ratty dress the next minute she’s clean, then she’s tattered, then she’s in a suit of armor.

For Sense: Why would there be a horse waiting for you on a beach that is magically clean.

The plot was very dark and I didn’t like how it was less erm classy it was meh and I don’t know it was displeasing to watch for me.

On a more personal opinion level I think that the movie was TRIIIIPPY. I mean LSD galore. The whole forest was LSD hallucinations. I understand that was kind of the intention, but in my own opinion it got freaky.

Because it’s trippy: Faeries (that were beautifully animated) were coming out of crows uhm places.

Out of these the most I had a problem with was the lack of lines and too much focus on action and picture quality as if that would make up for it.

All in all it’s a decent movie to some people who don’t mind the pacing and just want to look at pretty movie and a new plot twist to Snow White. But it was NOT for me.

I give it 2 out of 5 stars.

A movie reviewing panda,


Hah P.S. I have film studies this is great practice And THERE ARE NO GIFS

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