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Oh Riiiight posting…


Had me burn my Aunt’s/Godmother’s money, great of me to budget. I got a Totoro hat, plastic kunai, Naruto headband, Starfire poster, Avengers Poster, Thor and Loki buttons, food, a cheap second hand sword, scammed grab bag (had a shirt I knew nothing of, hat, unwanted DVD and manga), tare pandas, and… that’s it I think… 109 in all I think… minus 5 from what I sold in the grab bag which is $104… I’ma sell that shirt off to someone though… And the hat is gonna be a present and the manga got donated.

Cosplay as Blue was pretty successful, it was great fun to beat Digimon 2-1 Pokemon, such a close match, only stayed until half time though, Giratina is next OH HOHO!

I am so sick I hope you’re satisfied Nikita (no guilt tripping intended but this cough is just BLEEEH) But I’ve been coughing for a week now it’s  not fun and I just want to be healthy again. I got two nosebleeds yesterday and it doesn’t make me happy.

Well I’m almost a freshman in which I dread the schedule I’ve laid out for myself. Quite horrendous the times and such I think I’m just going to need to quit many things and have LOTS of meets with my guidance counselor I hate the school board I could make a chant of it I swear it.






(you think I’m overdoing this, but I just simply think I’m feeling a need to cling to a 2-D person because people who are real are too mainstream)

Yosh so the dance was just Fanfic anime episode worthy. WE’VE FINALLY CONQUERED THE FILLERS GRADUATION NOW! Woot I don’t know what els to type. I am matchmaker Blue goshdarnit and I am so proud. The developing was just too beautiful for words. t’s was absolutely Moe filled 😀

Maybe Naruto fandom day…? I got a new Naruto buddy anyway. Well fine Naruto it is. KABUTO WHY DON’T WE ALL JUST MESS WITH ANUBIS AND HADES AND TAKE ALL THE DEAD SHINOBI AND MAKE THEM FIGHT AGAINST THEIR WILL! WHY NOT LET’S GET ALL THE DEAD PEOPLE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!. May that man get eaten by his own snake.

Woot Crazy N! Yay gifs!

I dunno why they no move some of them anyway, the annoying ****

Yea. I feel like crap. Night fellow wordpress people.

Crappy Crap crap panda,



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