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A Fragment

I just remembered a fragment of my dream last night. Well I was in some closet with awesome clothes and I was like FREE FOR ALL. Then all of a sudden Jamie Campbel Bower (Jace in the upcoming TMI movie) He was like lol this is the closet for the actors staying here and I […]

I Wasn’t Kidding

Ah so I went for my yearly physical at the Doctor’s… The one I posted about last night. You know I did the usual, forget my glasses to avoid the sight testing, hearing evaluation that I think I failed… Peeing in a cup. Get ashamed of my weight and yearn to get taller. My pediatrician […]


Well that was a random headliner. I’m happily obsessed with Thor at the moment thank you. Just a warning, and with that I must warn all of you now viewing (unless you who is reading this is one of my darling friends who already know my nature) a pretty crazy blog. Right now I may […]

Never Again

I took 4 buses and walked in scorching heat with a black saxophone case upon my back and a black laptop case on my shoulder (that was pointless to bring) as the sun beat down on me. Those are the measures I had to take to get home from music classes. NEVER. AGAIN In other […]

My Summer Schedule

Schedule Was supposed to upload this some time ago. Well there it is after tomorrow I’ma be waking up at school times. I know I know Africa. But seriously this is not fair to my summer time. TT^TT An early waking panda, Panda


All this stuff on the sim and the marble hornets and the paranormal books are catching up to me. D: DAMN YOU PAT. I was starting with some kind of explanation/motive as to why I was going all assassin and trying killing this guy. At some points I was at dance class, but ya know, […]

Snow White and the Huntsman Review

So change of pace neh? Movie review. Contains Minor spoilers Okay let me get all my harsh personal feels out of the way Okay first of all which wasn’t necessary was that they took away Chris Hemsworth’s natural beautiful accent that is his own way of speaking. They replaced it with a Scottish/Irish accent with […]