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Woot finally starting that in my room~ CHERRY BLOSSOMS FOR THE WIN. I need paint now though -_- and there’s the cosplay nagging me to start. So shit.

In other news , to recap.

Not even gonna go over that new Korra there are no words for it. Just a graveyard of sunken ships And I’m just given up shipping Korra or Mako or Bolin just I don’t wanna care anymore, but it’s in my nature to care so curse it. Just I really wanna tell the producers to shut out the romance for a bit, It’s a bit too… involved… rushed… Yeah too much

I went to a buffet today yay yummy fattening foods~ I truly am a panda ^-^” HAPPY FIRSTS COMMUNION J.R.

I don’t have much else to say. Or I just don’t feel like typing so baaai

An impatient panda,



I’ma just make a separate page for fangasming to make life easier and most likely less irritating. One for day recapping, another for fangirling/raging/dying. Or I’ll start to attach tags. That works too


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