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High School Talent Show…

A Mychal yelling TYLER! (which made my day really just it was beautiful… I didn’t know he’d actually do it)

A unicorn, KYAAAAAAHHH-ing Jay (also for Tyler)

An abusive Myles (who was also yelling into the mic and hitting his guitar)

A Mr. Henchey Jerard and Justin.


Song and show dedicated to darling Abby (who we saw!~ She’s pretty okay~~~ I’m so relieved)

The “Neverends” (Now consisting of Tyler, Myles, Stephen P. [high school], and Jeremy G. [also High school])

Epic guitar playing

My hands itching to blog which is indeed what is happening now. My hands were twitching you can ask Mitz.

I sat with Shannon, Mitz, Jay, Carla, and Mychal. Jerard was so intense his guitar strap broke off and his guitar string broke. Yep he was that intense…

I also accidentally kinda sorta forgot Carla… Not my fault I got a ride with Tita Siony she was about to leave me behind (Laura was nagging too -_-“)

Woot all in all a pretty fun talent show, however the last acwasn’t very finale though (felt so bad for them D:) I was like…

yeah totally productive… psh yeah right… IT WAS FUN THOUGH

A 快乐 panda,


P.S. Carla is here right now and is being a sushi roll


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