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WHERE DID IT GO!? DID I MISPLACE IT?! Augh No I still have some of that Galasso project to do. Life is quite a mean thing.

Well over break I did have that sleepover with everyone. Everyone meaning Mitz, Shannon, Zoe, Carla, and Jill. Yep it was fun. Disney movies and all those chips. WE EVEN WENT OUTSIDE! YEP! YA PROUD? I went in direct sunlight willingly that did not result in going inside a car.

Day before the whole sleepover I was so productive and CLEANED MY ROOM more like organized it but still. IT COUNTS IT REALLY DOES.

Shmarah’s scarf is pretty long now too. IT’S ALMOST DONE! Now I just need to learn to crochet, and do those cosplays, and make that poster, and that blank wall of my ro- WELL I HATE THIS. WHY CAN’T I JUST BE ALL MEH AND BE ARG I CAN’T.

Day after the sleepover I dunno what I did. I know I watched the Reshiram, Zekrom, and Victini pokemon movie with Zoe over screenshare. (pft I hope I don’t get arrested) I ate, and did do some of my project.

I also got a Ukulele, Qipao, and papaya soap as well as a variety of other stuff from the Philippines. And more to come from my papa.

So I’ve switched to Mozilla… Well I’m testing out which browser to use. It’s pretty even though. Mozilla has my OTP persona. Google Chrome has that new tab page I really like. In terms of speed they seem even. Also google docs keeps bothering me to switch to google chrome for more stuff or whatever.

I still have so much food from the sleepover and my mom got MORE CHIPS MORE. As well as donuts

I dunno what else to update about… Meh it’s over 300 words.

Hm… I shan’t take a blog post without a fandom remark in it so

Will or Jem?

Off to Skype or eat crabs and donuts. FOOOOOD (although finishing up my project would be responsible too)

A food obsessed panda (though aren’t pandas all),



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