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Ah ha oh ha… I failed th e Social Studies test. There goes my chance of an A-. Shit. I’m pretty sure I killed myself on that test. My brain now wants to remember shogun and the treaty of tordesillas. AGGGH.

I can only pray for a hundred on the midterm, and a curve…. Praying is my friend. MY FRIEEND I WENT TO CONFESSION. OH LORD PLEASE HELP MEE

Speaking of confession, my penance was to not drift to other internet sites other than my homework… ahh ha… Oh weeeell

Okay I think I’m done with social studies, onto orchestra!

Mrs. B. doesn’t believe in me anymore…

I have nothing else to say except that I think my mother will send me extremely disapproving and disappointed looks…. And my father will yell…. A LOT.


A forgetful an failing panda,



I never learn. I’m on tumblr… SCREW STUDYING!

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