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I’m too lazy

To make a decent update. My Mandarin hw is too hard I don’t feel like doing it…

I finished my book. That series is beautiful. MagnusxAlec is my OTP are you kidding me? It’s so YES. (although I’m a bit jealous of Alec TT^TT) Now I need to get more books at the library, but since it’s closed I’ll get updated on my fanfiction~

Yesterday was so fun~ I loved it, even though I lost (I should have kept my old team gah gah gah) Chocolate fountain and I swear I ate so much, the chocolate was so good. wahhh I love you all we should hang out more.


My friends are some of the only reasons I still believe I’m a decent person. They are also some of the few people in our generation that are at least partially sane. You guys are the only things keeping me from bad decisions (because I’m extremely influenced by peer pressure no matter how much I hate it about myself) I DON’T WANT US TO SEPARATE AND GROW UP (well I don’t want to grow up in general… Too much responsibility) I can’t even stress how important you guys are to me…

Point is that I love you guys so much and I’m so thankful I did something with my life *sniff*


Speaking of our generation, I am so close to deleting my fb okay? The more I log on to look at it, the more pissed I get at out generation …

Like Lilo.

If I delete my fb I’m probably gonna be all

Okay gs cookies are sorted, I’m gorging myself onto them, I finalized my animeNEXT cosplay. I designed my clothes to be made in the Philippines. Hn only Mandarin left to do.




I got to 300 words…. Okay decent enough. Uh I guess that mushy rambling took up a good amount of works…

A rambling panda,



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