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International Women Appreciation day…

It’s all over tumblr, and there are ask blogs open for kisses on the cheek.


I can’t I’m going faint… WHY I ONLY HAVE CRUSHES ON FICTIONAL CHARACTERS?! It’s like this…

Normal Girls fangirling over idols and celebrities

Mona in the corner murmuring about her book and how hot this guy is.

Although Magnus is my OTP with Alec Lightwood… Ya know? I’m just like

Magnus is also an immortal warlock… but ya know what?! WHO CARES HE AWESOME AND WORDS I SHOULDN’T PUT IN WRITTEN TEXT!

And my other ship just got SPOILER SPOILER brother-zoned END SPOILER and I can’t even, it’s so sad I’m so confused plot twisters everywhere run on sentence. My other ship already got trashed in the prequel and It’s so sad. I can’t deal with this…

I have so many snacks in my house, it’s not healthy for me to be around this food, there are consequences. This food is going to be gone by Monday.

I need to Pokemon train, but I’m getting lazy, but I wanna win, but this book… and the food… and school work…and laziness… I NEED TO FINISH EV TRAINING GOSHDARNIT.

My Social studies project is pretty much done… Pretty much… *starts crying* WE’RE SO OVER 5 MINUTES AND MIA LOST HER REFORMATION VOICE OVERS OMIGULAY I CAN’T THIS IS TOO MUCH FOR ME IT’S ALL GONNA GET BLAMED ON ME I’M LEADER NO. And I stutter everywhere Michelangelo turned into Machiavllo… I hate myself…

A stressed and spasmatic panda,


P.S. There goes my post a day resolution, but hey it’s better than before….


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