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Shopping Day~

There goes my decant blogging streak… At least it isn’t a month interval….

So 4 denim bottoms for under 10 dollars! How? Well I have gift cards to spend at certain stores…. (I will not say the store I’m sad because I stepped foot in the store, I don’t have a liking for the bright girlishness of it…)

Also a neon green new brush for my unbelievable hair that likes to get tangled and is NOT OBEDIENT.

I gushed my school stress to my parents. Oh gulay in sinigang teenage angst and stress it’s horrible. Can I go back to being a child in elementary? Please Please? (I’m clicking m heels together)

Uh FOOD. I honestly don’t know what else to say besides I’ve been hard core Pokemon training and such so. Yeah

I also finished Mortal Instruments-City of Ashes and I can say PLOT TWISTERS. I’m on City of Glass now, I practically flew and knocked my father over to get to my room and read it.

Uhm school stress plus that worry for friends because they’re all teenage angst-y PLUS Girl Scouts, I’m truly beating myself up with all this responsibility (when were those tutoring dates? And that tour date…. When does soccer start? Oh uh Oh gosh this ain’t good…) AT LEAST THE SOCIAL STUDIES MIDTERM WILL BE OVER WITH! MINE’S HONESTLY LIKE A TURD SO SCREW IT.

Can I just be irresponsible and take the easy way out? No? Oh shut up conscience….

An unorganized and busy panda,


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