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Kiara and Kovu are my OTP…

Disney movies are beautiful. Just so  so sooo amazing and just I love it. Zoe came over and we had just Disney movie marathon. -Lion King 2 (UWAH THIS MOVIE THIIIS) -Little Mermaid 2 -Mulan That’s all we got to. But Kiara and Kovu are my OTP. They are just so so soooo beautiful. They’re […]


Ah ha oh ha… I failed th e Social Studies test. There goes my chance of an A-. Shit. I’m pretty sure I killed myself on that test. My brain now wants to remember shogun and the treaty of tordesillas. AGGGH. I can only pray for a hundred on the midterm, and a curve…. Praying […]

I’m too lazy

To make a decent update. My Mandarin hw is too hard I don’t feel like doing it… I finished my book. That series is beautiful. MagnusxAlec is my OTP are you kidding me? It’s so YES. (although I’m a bit jealous of Alec TT^TT) Now I need to get more books at the library, but […]

International Women Appreciation day…

It’s all over tumblr, and there are ask blogs open for kisses on the cheek. I ASKED MAGNUS BANE GAAHH WAAH HA I can’t I’m going faint… WHY I ONLY HAVE CRUSHES ON FICTIONAL CHARACTERS?! It’s like this… Normal Girls fangirling over idols and celebrities Mona in the corner murmuring about her book and how hot this […]

Shopping Day~

There goes my decant blogging streak… At least it isn’t a month interval…. So 4 denim bottoms for under 10 dollars! How? Well I have gift cards to spend at certain stores…. (I will not say the store I’m sad because I stepped foot in the store, I don’t have a liking for the bright girlishness of […]