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Was beautiful.

It was fun and just all out

Only I didn’t faint and froth at the mouth… But that gif is just so amusing and happy.

So  the day was like this:

Get ready for Concert (Carla did my hair and my skirt was still only half dry…)

Concert (In which Zoe and Shmarah came and got us roses. Hall of the Mountain King was said to be played really well.)

We also ate at my house (Lasagna~ Choco cakee FOOD~)

We went to Joann’s (Where Zoe, Carla, and Shmarah got their fabrics~ and stuffs for cosplays) Augh I need a cosplay for Sunday/Day 3 (I’ll probably post a poll later of something like that) I also plan to make a keyblade myself for Kingdom Hearts and bragging and plain fun purposes. I mean I have the right to brag SOMETIMES… Only when I believe it just though. WHO WOULDN’T WANNA RUN AROUND WITH A KEYBLADE YELLING HEARTLESS?! IT WOULD BE BEAUTIFUL.

And yet We’re still skype-ing each other the day ended but we still together~

Oh what? I think I’m forgetting something… Oh right…





Twice in Double, once in single and triple.


Beat Pia and Mark too. I’m not as crappy as I thought! I’M NOT AS CRAPPY AT BATTLING AS I THOUGHT (I don’t really care that I won. I just care that I seem to have redeemed myself).

Pat and I are gonna battle, when time allows it as well. and when the time comes… I won’t have trained… But I’ll just have to try~

Ah look at the course of events they’re wonderful! And another decent post! Win! (although I technically didn’t update “today”).

A proud panda,


P.S. Although I should finish up my Renaissance script for that social studies project ah ha ha ha… And I should pretty much add finishing touches and such. I’m such a pro-procrastinatooor *sing song voice* That’s yeah that’s not good….. I should fix that…. I’m probably gonna be PRODUCTIVE tomorrow… ew.

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