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Ash Wednesday~

I have not eaten meat today~ But I did gorge on fried fish and oranges… Is that healthy? Is that okay?… Ah whatever this was just me anyways

Ah ha but I should go to mass ah ha…. I have no ride, forgive me oh lord….

Well I’m giving up buying lunch at the school cafeteria! I GOT DIS I should be able to save about 40-60 dollars for lent mwahaaa

I SHALL SAVE MONEY, AND BE PROUD. I just hope I bring my food…. And just remember.

Ha I signed up for tutoring days, AND volenteered for tours for the middle school. I feel so accomplished. I should tell my parents about that… oh hoho…. Let’s see… Talent show Friday… Tomorrow Ridgewood AND talent show rehearsals…. Oh gosh derns Not fair. Noooot Fair. I want a break. I really do.

I also got people to come to my RIDGEWOOD CONCERT! YEAH IT’S SUPER COOL YA KNOW ONLY $4 FOR STUDENTS MMHM AND YOU GET TO HEAR PRETTY MUSICS. (I’m not shamefully advertising wachutalkinbout)

It seems I AM going to church so…


How Ironic, we got at the church early, I really thought the mass was at 7, but it was actually at 7:30…. Ah ha… But the ironic thing is that when we went back, we were kinda late… Yeah. Oh the irony… Well I got le ash and snuffs anyway.

Also ironic.

I started reading CITY OF ASHES THIS BOOK FROM A REALLY INTERESTING PLOT TWISTY SERIES CALLED THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS (Not shamelessly advertising whaaat?) Well I started reading on ash Wednesday (since I technically started reading midnight like last night)


A religiously involved panda,



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