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I got le books from le library~~~ I’m so happy~ But honestly, if they didn’t have the book I woulda just been like


But I have those S.S. scripts to work on… Ah ha ha… Stupid conscience. Screw WORKING. But dang those grades, they determine your life…. I REALLY JUST WANNA SAY SCREW IT BUT NOOOOO

On the topic of Ridgewood~

Our concert master is a bit too intense, I mean he kinda sorta got his violin out of tune playing “In the Hall of the Mountain King”. The song IS intense, but he also sorta made his bridge fall out in the process… Ah ha. Now THAT is intensity.

Why can’t I be like that TT^TT

Kids also took turns going up and conducting, which was a bit over the top for some of them… Well for example, I don’t exactly enjoy holding and doing vibrato on a C for about a good double more than I’m supposed to. (Not as much as I hate scales though).

He taught us a bunch of stuffs too!

~How to tell if a violin is good!~

Scrolls should be reattached for stronger sound.

The scroll needs to be striking and stand out.

Well, apparently the violin shouldn’t sound amazing at first play. It should be harder to play so you can find the emotion that suits it.

(that’s all he really told us and I don’t remember some)

~Music fun facts (learned for picking the (Coughuncough)lucky child conductors)~

Mozart’s sister’s name is Maria

Greig’s inspiration for “Nimrod” from his Enigma Variations was his 9 year old friend dying, but him still having hope.

It took Handel three weeks to write the Messiah

Vivaldi used to be a priest, but because of asthma couldn’t speak loudly (no microphones people). So he went to a woman’s orphanage of music (or something like that) and learned about music.

Yay useless music time facts done

Uhm I went with Carla around the mall and such and was a burden as usual~

I really need to go to A.C. Moore and get a shirt for my Blue cosplay. I need to start sewing when February is done. Honestly though just ugh. I’m gonna cosplay Tsugumi from Guilty Crown too so… More sewing~ (I really hope the teachers give me enough time and don’t give us too much work…) GAH TUTORING HOURS TOO! Talent show…

I have to play rec. soccer with High Schoolers now, GREAT JUST JUST GREAT. I don’t know if I can survive… I’m just scared and just WHY CAN’T THEY COUNT OUR CURRENT GRADE?! NOT OUR UPCOMING ONE!

A lazy, but busy panda,




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