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Too many….

Weddings in my life right now

Supernatural books I’m currently reading

Baptisms at my church

On the topic of supernatural books, ALL OF THEM HAVE NEPHILIM ALL OF THEM. And now we have references to Blue Bloods, and Hush Hush, and HECK even ANIME. Honestly, I can’t even. There’s more I know that were referenced, but I just can’t remember.

These books use the angels Michael and Gabriel, and the demons Abbadon and Azrael. So many similarities. And all of them like to mess with my life.

It’s like how my Ridgewood orchestra conductor said “you have the audience in the palm of your hand. They’re like a ball, you can throw them, pet them, shake em, and when you think they’re calm throw them again!” Authors like to do that to you, as well as movie producers and such. But it gets me to update more frequently now!

Now I shall shamelessly advertise. Cassandra Clare. Her writing is awesome and she gets you these romance scenes, but guess what? She got you loving this pairing. OH THERE’S ANOTHER HOT GUY LET’S PAIR HIM OVER THAR TOO! (cue troll face) Oh… they’re getting along too well, they were about to go canon. TOO BAD (again troll face) LET’S MAKE THE GUY ACT LIKE A JERK, BUT HE ISN’T AND HE’S JUST DOING THIS BECAUSE OF (cue plot twister past).

Meanwhile I’m just like:

Yep Yep, if you’ll excuse me, I need to finish this book now…

An overreacting panda,



Ah ha oh yeah, my lent promise is that I’m not spending ANY money on food at school. Like lunch. NONE I SHALL SAVE ALL MY MONEY ALL OF IT. It will also develop my culinary skills if I cook for myself.

Oovoo and skype all day and night YEAAAH! I can’t even sit down anymore, my mom is making me do laundry… ugh WOOORRRK

A lazy panda,


P.S. I should do my social studies midterm… ah ha… pssshhh MORE WORK gaah


I NEVER FINISHED MY BOOK! DX Dang youtube and tumblr


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