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Waaahh Disney movies are the best, I’m just saying. (Is a sap for happy endings) I love Disney, all is just and right at the end of Disney Princess movies SPOILER: (SPOILERS COUGH COUGH although the fact that Tiana and Prince Naveen would turn back in the end from their kiss was preeeeettty predictable, jus saying) END SPOILER. I ate way too much popcorn, then was interrupted mid-movie by my mother who made me eat MORE. AND TO PAUSE MY MOVIE WHEN I HAD LIKE 20 MINUTES EXACTLY LEFT. To which I responded with something like this.

I paused my movie and set the table anyway, she guilt tripped me.

Books, movies, animes, music videos SO EMOTIONAL But I never cry I just I don’t even know why.It’s an inability I guess, but I think Clannad can fix that if Myke and Zo are right.

First Infernal Instruments, then Guilty Crown, now this….

A. I have too much time on my hands. (It’s not too much time it’s procrastination)

B. I’m waaaaay too emotional with this stuff. It’s too easy to get me to overreact… (yet I cannot cry)

Let’s recap my day~

I woke up at 7 (YES A.M. EVERYONE) and fell back asleep until around 11 (psh I slept at 1 A.M. duh)

So I took a trip to le bank to deposit some snuff, and being the ditz that I can be, almost walked out with their pen in hand ah ha ha. I ran back in and put it back though! Oke? I found out that THEY DON’T HAVE LOLLIPOPS ANYMORE! It made me so disappointed in them, I mean no free candy? I think I should switch banks… (first world problems righ there ha ha…. and I’m not gonna say which bank I use on the interwebs!)

And there was dancing class! Oh how exciting it was, since my dancing teacher is engaged!~ She told us it’s like she’s in some kind of movie and I was just like DAWW!~~~ My life has too many weddings. (My cousin’s wedding cuts too close to my dance recital for comfort TT^TT) I’ll never get tired of em though (hopefully). She kinda sorta lost a diamond on her ring though… She was really upset since I dunno IT’S A DIAMOND (no no she can’t MINE another one okay?!)

Rinya came over to practice for le talent show too!~ But ah ha… Oh ho. PSH WE PRACTICED! WHATCHUTALKINBOUT? No seriously we did. We figured out some harmonies, we shall inspire Ando to use them more often! I kinda sorta changed up the lyrics though…



I JUST- I- I’m so proud. I should continue to have free time and to think about stuff to blog about.

A proud(ish) panda,


P.S. Those reaction gifs make for nice space take-y up things.


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