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Who’s been Inactive?

Me! Woo!~ So So eh… Happy late Valentine’s day First of all This post was supposed to go on yesterday! So chocolate and the such. Although it’s Valentine’s Day, It’s single awareness day for me until I finish college ah ha. I still made truffles that was mistaken for Unicorn turd. It tasted okay at least…

So I’ve been READING like a lot… Of Cassandra Clare… Yeah she’s amazing I can’t deal with the plot twists she chucks at my face. I can’t deal with the amazing characters she writes, I CAN’T SIDE WITH SHIPPINGS. That’s my new fandom, and CASSANDRA CLARE IS MESSING WITH MY MIND AND WILL HERONDALE IS A SE–

Pssh What? what? No I wasn’t gonna say anything? no nono… He’s a very good looking character in my mind, Jem too. I haven’t felt this way since Percy Jackson. I want to draw fanart you don’t seem to understand this. The emotions this made me feel is just-

Very much like that. I went totally bipolar and my dad saw me yelling and he told me to just stop reading it it’s not happy y u read it? Why? Why?? He doesn’t read that’s why he doesn’t know why.

A very fangirl-y panda,



I’ll actually start posting again

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