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So I guess I forgot to update for… some time. Eh and I was planning to update on the winter concert night… but… I practically died of fever… Soooo Ere it es.

The orchestra was awesome as usual, but it went up a level because we had PROS play with us what NAAAAO Carla, Mitz, Stephanie, and I got to play with them + Mrs. B! Oh so special!!

Then there was the er hem. Eh yeah Mitz’s and Mary’s solo! (and mine but honestly I was the worst I’m pretty ashamed of my voice I’ve been coughing). The choir itself was all meh as usual (NO HARMONIES! Would it kill hiim to actually USE the altos and soprano sections he made?)… But Carla and Shannon brightened Soul Sister and Shmarah was so cute while she eh tambourined? (I’m pretty sure that’s not the right word, but it’s fun to say) to Last Christmas. MY DAUGHTERS ARE SO SUCCESSFUL!

After of those performances finished I wanted to thank the awesome pros, but I was WAY intimidated by them so I kinda just backed into a corner. Then Carla and Shannon got yelled at for playing Mexican Mychal on their Ukeleles. Poor Mychal. I got to play the pianos a bit, before that but soon got kicked out by stingy teachers. So that led me to bordom since my violin couldn’t be used because of stingy teachers. Sooooo I went out to listen to the band. Yep.

I got there for like Charlie Brown and Carol of the Bells. It was good, my mom said she saw Ryan. It was definitely improved from the before years. I liked CHarlie Brown more though (blame our version of Carol of the Bells it was amazing and I loved it)

So before the concert was awesome too… Ya know orchestra practice til 3 come back at 4  Did I mention the HOUR I HAD TO TREAT MY VOICE BECAUSE OF CHOIR AND MY MOM RIDICULOUSLY TRYING TO STUFF ME WITH FOOD? (sigh, Filipinos) Theeen I had to deal with my nuisansome long, long hair. Mrs. B. needs to give more time. Cuz after that we had to learn the whole Canon song in 30 minutes (why’d she add slurs? WHY?), while Mrs. B. is the person your sitting with? THEN WE PRACTICED MORE (on the whole orchestra pieces)

Then there was me playing the piano for once at school Cuz I was secluded. So psh yeah. I almost missed the pictures. Good thing I felt awkward and ran out of the room when I noticed.

That day and the one before were the longest of my life. The fact my fevers were on and off didn’t exactly help… Or the coughing. Increased coughing as of now. My abs really hurt from all the coughing along with my throat.

My nightly fever didn’t disturb me last night at least! (DON’T JINX ME FOR TONIGHT)  I’m really tired of fevers and these coughs. I still had to go to dance class.

I have homework that was like due on Thursday, but was excused because of pull outs that I should do and  something to study that I’ve been putting off for like 6 hours. Soooo  should get to those. Oh! Is that my tumblr on my bookmarks bar? Oh and there’s fanictions…

A distracted and procrastinating panda,



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  1. our version of carol of the bells was slowed down a ton cause of the 6th graders D:

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