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So I guess I forgot to update for… some time. Eh and I was planning to update on the winter concert night… but… I practically died of fever… Soooo Ere it es. The orchestra was awesome as usual, but it went up a level because we had PROS play with us what NAAAAO Carla, Mitz, […]

My Supposed Favorite Pokemanz

1 2-4 5-7 8-10 It’s mostly right, but I don’t really like Moltres I mean I like Articuno better and Espeon and Nidoqueen or well yeah. there’s a bunch. I’m surprised Mienshao didn’t appear. Well it’s almost my birthday I pray Carla didn’t tell the whole school or something. She said something… Suspicious… But yeah. Optometrist appointment […]

So about my Birthday Party…

I pray that you all know what a Pokeball looks like. But here’s the Kingdom Hearts One I have in mind Please Vote and RSVP (for food purposes) if the other answer thing doesn’t work, put it as a comment. If ya need a  written invite I’ll make one just tell me… Uhm Nothing interesting. Applied for Ridgewood […]