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So food food food food and moar food… Food Just that’s it…

My heart  gold team is still  so undetermined. I just dunno. I only know I’ma have an Ampharos, Meganium, and a Red Gyrados.

And we went to see Muppets! It was good and corny. They broke the fourth wall so many times I loved it. They gave away like non  disposable cups for Breaking Dawn. Speaking of Breaking Dawn….

LOL Random Joltik.

So… I’ma go Black Friday shopping I’ma get~~

1) Harvest Moon Tale of Two Towns


3) Scribblenauts. Not super. Scribblenauts is like $8 so yeahhh

All from Best Buy

From Walmart (if we can… I mean gonna get trampled?)

1) Epic Mickey Wii

2) Just Dance 3 Wii

3) Bunch O’ on sale DVDs

Uhm… I’m so excited. And it’s late, so I dunno how I’ma wake up to GET this stuff…. Going shopping with Carla, the Eguias, and Karishma. So I’m just so happy ecstatic~~

An ecstatic and excited panda,


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