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Apparently, I have strep throat… Well that’s what the doctor in Manhattan said when he called… So I’m not at school today. I haven’t thought of posting til I saw my little bookmark for my blog.

So I’m not running a fever or anything, and I’m allowed to go to school tomorrow, but I’m on antibiotic pills, one in the morning one at night. My mom worries I’ll get an allergic reaction…. Well I’m allergic to who knows what but that’s okay… My throat doesn’t even hurt anymore Wait …I’MA MISS ORCHESTRA! UGH IT WAS THE FIRST FULL ORCHESTRA MEETING IN WEEKS! FGAJNFA THAT MAKES ME SO SAD.

Okay out with it…

I’M REALLY BORED I CAN’T TAKE IT I HAVE NOTHING TO DO. I watched anime, worked on my slide show worked on that drawing thing for feudalism hierarchy….  I’M WAITING FOR MY CAPO TO BE DELIVERED WITH MY GAME. I’m so so like bored I don’t feel like doing work… AND SOMEONE SAVE ME I CAN’T CALL ANYONE CUZ YOUR ALL AT SCHOOL.

I guess I can sew. Or keep avoiding practicing piano by working on the project then getting distracted. Ya know what? I’ll sew. It’s good for my… Cosplays… BUT I’M STILL LONELY AND BORED

Tumblr tumblr

But we all knew that already.

A bored panda,



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