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What a Highly Productive Day!

OH HO HO HO HO! I finished my essay!!! I’m so happy! TAKE THAT SCHOOL! Good thing I’m not inhonors I’d be screwed if I had to read  another book…

I finished nine books this summer…. NINE! That means more work… I need to fill out the dang book talks… AIIIEEEH … Thank the gods they delayed opening…

I went supply shopping too~~  Staples is an expensive place… Oh chez.  Last minute school preparation! WOOP!

Mr. P called my house. I think it was a cell phone or house, since it said his name on the caller ID… anyways I geta new schedule in Homeroom, which will hopefully change… I dunno. It’s conflicting. Get a new homeroom in homeroom. . .  It’s apparently because of the honors Social Studies and Mandarin, that they both have to be in one period… Oh well… I’ll leave it to them… (Oh man am I screwed)

I got FOOD! Well,  Sandwich stuff anyways. For lunch. Cuz, ya know…. SAVING MONEY!

This is really short… SPAM TUMBLR PICTURE-Y TIME!

I can’t read it, but the faces make me laugh~


Mkay I’m about done…

An accomplished feeling panda,



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