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I wonder….

What we did to anger Zeus. I mean…. Hurricane  Irene…

I hope everyone gets out okay and safe. My parents say that this is a breeze in the Philippines~

Eh nothing happened really… I just went shopping A LOT. But still no shoes…. I have holes in mine -o-

I borrowed Pia’s Shadow’s of Almia game! I’ma get one… Saving moneeey… ehh. Since the school year is starting I just thought this up…

~My Saving Money Plan~

Sooo I’ll save $50 then  start spending. So once I earn  $50 I’ll save  $40 put the ten with the $50 use the $30 (plus tax) for a game.



So that’s gonna take a REALLY long time… But  that’s how I’ll hopefully save…. HOPEFULLY! I’m  very easily persuaded.

A budgeting panda,



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