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What Are YOU?! … And what do you think I am…?

I can’t exactly disclaimer this, since I dunno who posted this originally on tumblr…. Yeah… I got one. I seriously dunno what I am here so please tell me….

Hogwarts House Psychoanalysis Pt.II : Combined Houses


Gryffinclaws have the mental capacity to be a hero, in a sense. They are smart, daring and ready to take on whatever they can. Unfortunately, their emotions tend to take hold over their logic, and this can cause them to be easily disheartened. They want to believe that essentially, everyone is good, but their fairly cynical Ravenclaw side will often try to deny this, and with this plus their emotional front, they can hit a disastrous point of anger toward society and themselves. Gryffinclaws are dedicated, and while they have the ability to do so much more, they tend to focus themselves on one thing, deeming everything else as unimportant. They will do what needs to be done, but that does not mean they will like it. Gryffinclaws tend to enjoy conflict, if it is intellectual. They will debate day and night if you allow them to. Politicians, surgeons and philosophers are often Gryffinclaws.


Slytherdors are always in a constant battle with themselves, a bit like an angel and a devil on each shoulder. They truly want to do what is proper for everyone around them, but at the same time they can be selfish and it will blind their view of what the people they love may need. Slytherdors believe that people have the capacity to be good, they just simply don’t care, instead taking and conquering what they can, and they are just fine with that, because they often blend into it themselves. The angel on their shoulder is begging that they try to make change in the world, but the devil is always egging them on to go for what they crave. This doesn’t mean they are wrong in their ways, in fact they are very quick-witted and ready to get things done. Slytherdors are extreme multitaskers and procrastinators, trying to accomplish several things at once and instead forgetting to do all of them. This can be seen as irresponsible to some, but Slytherdors tend to simply shrug it off. However, they do have a very short fuse, so watch what you say or they may go off. Many doctors, company executives and celebrities are Slytherdors.


Gryffinpuffs could almost be said to have hearts of gold, as they see the good in each and every individual. They are very emotional people to the point that they at times do not even know what to do with themselves, instead just feeling the need to cry or scream. This is because their Gryffindor side wants to let out their emotion, but the Hufflepuff in them is too scared of what others would think. Gryffinpuffs are very happy-go-lucky and optimistic, ready to lend a helping hand wherever they may be needed. They are social butterflies, making friends easily. While they love to talk for hours, any negative comments they tend to take to heart, and their Hufflepuff side tends to stop them from speaking up about it, so instead they will wallow in self pity for possibly days. Gryffinpuffs are somewhat spacey and tend to be visual and auditory learners, meaning it may take them a bit before they fully understand something. This does not mean they are in anyway less smart, they are just patient enough to take their time to understand something completely. Many social workers, wedding and party planners and those who work with small children are Gryffinpuffs.


Ravenpuffs are constantly contradicting themselves, thinking they have done something completely right and then deciding it is absolutely awful the next minute. They do this with people as well, thinking that everyone is as they seem until their Ravenclaw side speaks up, and they begin to second guess every movement a person makes. Ravenpuffs tend to be quite shy, and if they talk to you they will be friendly; but make no mistake, they are analyzing every single move you make. Ravenpuffs are very academic and later on in life what one would call “work-a-holics” devoting themselves into whatever passion they may have. Ravenpuffs tend to be very creative, observing others and using it in their work. Ravenpuffs shudder at the idea of conflict, avoiding it anyway necessary, usually keeping to themselves to make sure it stays this way. Novelists, musicians and psychiatrists are often Ravenpuffs.


Slytherclaws are quick-witted to the point they are dangerous, always thinking and seeing every detail around them. Their cleverness and intelligence is a venomous combination, and they are very good in the art of persuasion and manipulation, and they make sure they always get what they want. That said, that doesn’t mean they are bad people, simply a bit spoiled in their nature and ready to get at any aspect of life they are thirsty for. Conflict is something that is beyond them and they tend to quickly shake off whoever may try to argue with them. If you insist, they can tear you to shreds so quickly you will not even know what happened. Slytherclaws are incredibly intelligent and use that in every aspect of their lives, never stopping to smell the roses. They are constantly driven, so make sure you don’t get in their way, they don’t care much for attachments. If they do care for you however, they will show this with the most protectiveness. Con artists, attorneys and those who work with the government are often Slytherclaws.


Slytherpuffs are an odd mix, and they are incredibly indecisive. They are ambitious and driven, but their shy Hufflepuff aspects can sometimes pull them away from what they want. They feel as though they dislike everyone, though they aren’t entirely sure why they do, and at times they can feel that they are an awful person because of this. Slytherpuffs are often angry at themselves for what they do or don’t say, and they are always biting their tongue. They are often quiet, but when they do speak up they say something that is worth your time. They avoid conflict the best they can, but if you insist upon it they will give you one hell of a debate. They are very dedicated to getting what they want, and if they will often stay away from people days at a time researching. They are not fans of social interaction. Painters, journalists and poets are often Slytherpuffs.

Please not this is simply my opinion and it is obviously not applicable to everyone in combined houses, just my assumptions. Please do not be offended by anything, it is not meant to be taken that way. Psychoanalysis of the singular houses are here. (x)



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