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Forward thingie

Who’s side are you on? If your on God’s side send this to 10 people. If your on the Devil’s side then don’t send. God is going to fix 2 things for you tonight.

In other news… I LOVE FATAL FRAME! It’s so fun to watch… Not to play… Ugh how am I gonna sleep? I’m totally on edge… I wanna sleep, but I can’t… I’m not that freaked, I just got home from next door… I wanted to stay the night…

I’ma make my Panda Plushie for China I got a pattern… But it’s 2-D… I need to find a way to fix that…. somehow…. Gahhh

Swim swim… Too much of it… I’m gonna turn into a prune…

The electric bill didnt’ duffer much today!!! Yes!

Ehh… I’m trying to add words, I have nothing… I can rant avour Fatal Frame

It’s effin scary… Scarier than fragile Dreams Zo… Hell no… I shouldn’t think about it at this time of night….. Okeee… Vengeful spirits won’t come right??!!! RIGHT?! I’m over it (ish). fatal frame is fun to watch It puts you on edge. It was the twin sister one. Fatal Frame II. Heck yeeesss. Someone just play it in front of me… I think the light should be on though…

A scared (ish) panda,


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