I Can’t Even…

be happy (ex. laugh or smile) without my mother getting on my back to practice piano. Or notice me for that matter. Making her notice me makes her want to give me work. (Skip the rest til okay cuz it’s a rant.)

Two hours at LEAST. No more no less.  She won’t let it be. Even though I practice, she makes me practice two more hours at night… and ya know what? I HAVE NOTHING TO PLAY! She refuses to get me my new piano books although she said she would… And she is being MORE then extremely unreasonable…. I still have swimming class…. BLEH MY TEACHER IS A SADIST! LAST TIME, HE MADE US GET TWO BRICKS FROM THE BOTTOM OF THE POOL. UWEEEHHH! Yeah… don’t judge, he really is…

Okay that’s over

Anyways~~ It’s off to Aruba soon enough (meaning in August) I GET TO SEE MY COUSINS! The only one I have on my mom’s side )for now at least), so it makes him special.

Beh If you guys want anything from the tropics tell me for example, Pat if ya wanna hat tell me now so I can actually get it before I leave. And if there’s a keychain whatever…

SHMARAH! I STILL HAVE SAND FROM THE PHILIPPINES I WAS SUPPOST TO GET TO YOU LAST YEAR! I’m sorry…. I’ll be sure to get these whatevers to you guys if ya want any.

I wanna get everyone souvenirs anyway. It’s an excuse to stay inside something (hopefully) and not get fried like a [insert fried food] I kinda wanna stay as my color, I got tanner… No offense to Jill, but I don’t wanna get that tan.

Oh… I need to finish that summer homework BUT I DON WANNA ! IT’S BOOORING! Who finished the summer reading and math anyway?

Math- Almost done, pretty much finished, but procrastinating on the last bit

Reading- I just started Romiette and Julia ah ha ha.

Yeah… I should get my face reading… I’M ALMOST ON PAGE 100 DON’T JUDGE ME! AND I DON’T NEED TO READ ANOTHER BOOK! That’s an advantage not being in honors xD (Panda isn’t as smart as (mostly) everyone else she knows) I’ve already ranted about this… Not gonna make your ears bleed again…

Anyways I don’t get outta the house much (much? more like never…) So don’t expect anything interesting….

Meh this is over like 400 words, it’s enough right? -_-”

A procrastinating, lazy panda.


13 comments on “I Can’t Even…

  1. Approximately how deep was the water and in turn heavy were the bricks?

  2. Eh… about 5-10 Ib bricks and the water should’ve been around 7-9 feet…

    • While camping, I had to pull two 12+ Ib rocks out of 10 ft deep lake water.
      Yeah. Lake water. As in I couldn’t see my outstretched hand.
      I had to feel around for the rocks down there, pick it up, and then get back to surface. And by “surface,” I mean grabbing hold of the dock. While holding on to the rock and waiting for the guy to come and inspect the rock to make sure it’s ours. If not? Back to crawling at the bottom of the lake. And did I mention we had to do this head first AND feet first?
      But poor Mona.

      • Oh EXCUSE ME Pat. Okkee I said there was a rant… This is the reason I usually don’t post on my blog. Jus saying.
        Surprisingly, I’m not that surprised, but yes I do feel bad that you said that… I had to dive for the bricks, and technically three bricks, because I had to do one before (which was extremely easy) But then I had to drag the two other bricks up to the surface.
        I did laps before. It was like lifeguard training after too. I dragged people around. He also asked The people we were saving to purposefully fall off. And they couldn’t help. We had other exercises before we did that. We couldn’t have done that for a whole class.
        But yes Pat poor you. Ehh… I wouldn’t want to be in lake water anyway, so I wouldn’t be in that situation.

      • Mona, we swam half a mile before we did the bricks. It was a two hour class with that at the end.

  3. No offense taken, but you didn’t have to drag my name in.

  4. Ughhh, I know how you feel. I hafta wake up at 9 and go to BCA until 3. At home I eat rice for like an hour and then I go to my tutoring classes and then Kumon/Karate.
    Oh and then my mom yells at me for not smiling!
    It seems that’s summer break’s actually worse than school, right?

  5. Pat, is that why your so skinny…? That’s an intense class… And I dunno how much I swam… I just swim and hope I get skinny….

    • Well, it’s called the Lifesaving badge for a reason… It’s required, unless you do Emergency Preparedness, but to get that you need to have First Aid, which I was taking over the course of the same week… It’s complicated.
      And now, I’m over 90 pounds!

  6. awwwwwww
    that sucks

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