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I Watched


I win.

I want to quote, but probably will spoil so I won’t…. (and I forgot a bunch ah ha ha surprise there)

I also watched….

A BUNCH OF POKEMON MOVIES! The Deoxys and the Ratiosu and Ratiasu one (it was cute how t hey spelled it….)

Have you noticed there’s none with Ho oh or Raiku? (like alone?) I mean… Suicune is in the Celebi one and Entei has his own sooooo….. Yeah…. It’s sad.

I also finished another book! MWAHA! I aim to be the smartest person (if possible since I’m pretty… not intelligent) in the non-honers classes… it’s VERY unlikely, but I shall try!

I’m aiming to call Zoe Moe at later times…. I don’t like disturbing them and am strting to feel guilt… AND THE FACT SHE NEVER CALLS HERE! er hem….

My bathroom is out of order… I have to walk downstairs to pee….. My parents’ door is locked BTW and the keys are also downstairs… uweh.

I’m craving pizza…. I wanna my frozen one, but I dunno where it is… LOL BTW I just woke up….

A hungry panda,


One comment on “I Watched

  1. You’re gonna hate me, but I saw Harry Potter at midnight when it came out~
    We only got to go b/c mom was on a flight~

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