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Cataract Surgery….

For my gramps, technically well like, yesterday…. Mom says god shall reward me? Yeah cuz I took care of my gramps the whole day because she couldn’t get a day off… nursing… I put eye drops and was an interprator! I FELT SOOOO SPECIAL MY MOM SAID SHE WAS PROUD OF ME FOR ONCE!

Anyways she doesn’t need to reward me. All she really needs to do is let me go to Denise’s birthday…. That’s seriously it…. I’ma bring some Jello (rainbow one) a Cathedral Window it’s called… here.

Ah ha Shameless picture adding… I hope Denise doesn’t have muslims… JUST CUZ I KNOW THEY CAN’T EAT JELLO! IT’S NOTHING PERSONAL! I HA..VE COOL KHANS. THEY’RE yeah… I feel bad I shut up about this.


I’m boreeed and I can’t sleep. INSOMNIA!

I love…

They Do make a difference now come to thing of it…. Again Shameless adding pictures to take up space…

Okee bai

A Non sleepy panda,



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