I’m Leaving Again…

At least I have something to blog about~

I’m going to Philadelphia, to shop and drop my Tita off (or visit I’m not sure). It’s a three hour drive! So it’s really close… Not like Kentucky, so hopefully my ass doesn’t start to hurt again. Oh and I’ll be back today.

Soooo yeah. I think it’s a HUGE mall… I want to get Pokemon Platinum… GOSHDARNIT! GET A SALE! (yeah I know it’s not gonna happen.) My mom wants a coach outlet… I’m ashamed at how many bags that woman owns…

Update later~ (as if you care about my life I just blog for the heck of it)

A pretty happy panda,



5 comments on “I’m Leaving Again…

  1. just to kentuky pfft try cross country about your back and neck after cross country about six hours every other day for 2 & 1/2 weeks

    • Try Philippines long plane ride being in the back with the small loud flushing bathrooms and crying babies with three stop overs until you get to Batangas!
      I did the Las Vegas cross country in a rental car when I was a kid. We drove from California over LV and then to Colorado and to a bunch more places I can’t remember. So I HAVE tried that driving Puppy

      • k,but you didn’t have a younger sibling that’s a drama queeen sitting next to you for the whole ride crying about every last problem and purposely trying to pester you.

  2. That’s true ah ha only child… All I did was read… and listen to music. Yeah…

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