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Previously from Soy


1. Are you the sporty type or the I-know-what’s-the-latest-fashion type?

2. Do you prefer the color red, yellow, blue or green?

3. Who is your favorite character from the Manga?

4. Do you prefer the Manga to anime or the opposite way around?

5. Are you friends with more boys or girls?

6. Do you use the computer or read during your free time?

7. Do you hate more girls or boys?

8. How old were you when you had your first crush?

9. If you are a boy, name a girl you know. If you are a girl, name a boy you know.

10. Name a wish. A realistic one.


1. Sporty: You are adventurous and have a great figure, and your soul mate is someone quite unexpected.
Fashionable: You are high-tech and know everything ! But take a break, you might get bored of it and your love will not come that quickly.

2. Red: You are loyal and will have many friendships in your life but only one will become your love.
Blue: You are cool and do not have a short fuse. To others, you will seem perfect but to you, only one will.
Green: You are well balanced and lead a good life. You are caring, but your love life will be a little complicated at beginning, but in the end, it’ll all work out just great.
Yellow: You are active and have many friends of the same sex. But beware, do not feel too shy around the opposite sex. Be yourself and you will find your soul mate.

3. If he/she is from…

Kanto: You are brave, loyal and trustworthy. Adventure is sure to come your way !
Hoenn: You might have a heavy burden resting on your shoulders right now, but be patient, it’ll be worth it.
Johto: You lead a carefree life and it seems so easy ! But in the near future, things will not seem quite the same, although you will still enjoy yourself.

4. If you prefer…

Manga: You love adventure and new experiences are definitely to come your way !
Anime: You are kind of laid back and are supportive towards your friends. But you are also a little too sensitive.

5. Boys: You are sporty, but beware, your love life will not come soon enough if you get carried away in your own little world.
Girls: You are adventurous but can be reserved at times, but your love life will prevail.

6. Computer: You are high-tech and smart. But try to listen to others’ feelings, they may need a helping hand.
Read: You don’t really have a crush, or hang out much. Explore the world around you, there are neat things in store for you.

7. Girls: You are partially a snob, so watch out! Life is not as bad as it seems.
Boys: You know yourself and have an idea of how to avoid following the wrong path of life.

8. 16-17: You are not interested in your love life that much, but it is important, you know !
13-15: Moderate. You are well balanced and your love life will work out just fine.
12 and below: Wow ! You are really courageous, but be careful. You might just get bored…

9. You are in love with this person.

10. This wish will come true if you repost this to at least one person within half an hour!


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