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I haven’t….

had a serious post in some time…. so here

I need to go to Kentucky. Yeah and Tennessee or something I dunno where anymore dang it. I have to miss Monica’s party TT^TT AFTER I MISSED LEONARD’S GRADUATION PARTY, (but since Zo was there it alright) MONICA AND LEONARD’S ACTUAL GRADUATION, AND NOW THIS?! Elvis, I blame you for having to go to Tennessee. *goes into chibi mode* I DON WANNA GO I DON WANNA GO I DON WANNA I DON WANNA I DON WANNA!!! 

*clears throat*

Well there’s my rant

Anyways… Kuroshitsuji is what takes all of my time now… I have nothing to do until i get fabric.

I’m bored and I don’t sleep at night because I can’t seem to fall asleep anymore. I really should sleep more

Pia Pia came today too~ She caught me all the legendaries. Pat no ranting at me for not getting them myself cuz I did give her advice (the quick ball which she used most of the time and timer ball Ultra balls are okay for wild) I got money at least. *Sells ancient relic stuff* yup that’s how to get money kiddies. It’s pretty frustrating without a map though.

Practicing Bad Apple for talent show is quite tiring too. Very sweat inducing…

A panda with a boring life you don’t feel like hearing,



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