And almost outta paper.

Fail fail fail fail fail x a google (heck if I’m putting 100 zeros here)

Fail at dancing. And drama. At improv in general

I’m a self centered bitch who looked like a show offy tramp at the show. I need to get over my ego. If I start cutting (I won’t I won’t it’s highly unlikely… but I’ve thought of it.) IT’S ALL MY FAULT EVERYTHNG! NOT ARMOND’S OR CELLO’S OR CHRIS’S!JUST BLAME EVRYTHING ON ME IF I’M THERE!

I’m gonna fail piano too. Tomorrow’s recital will be a disaster. PERIOD.

I hopt I’m with the little kids. coz I Absolutely stink

Why must my personality be bitchy. Why must my mind be an Emily Ste…. FILL IN THE LETTERS, IF YOU CAN’T, YOUR A STALKER!

I insult people too much… I’m getting kinda fed up with being quiet and having my name mispronounced. And being invisible, and untalented. I’m gonna work harder. (there’s my competitive side aru) I kinda sorta would/ wouldn’t mind moving. A new life could do good where I dunno anyone and I don’t have friends… I’m very tsundere. (Dunno what it means? GOOGLE IT)

I think of no one except me. Those less fortunate. I’M TRULY CRUEL. I HAVE NO GUILT NOTHING NOTHING AT ALL. I weep for a dysfunctional family, when there’s kids who get beat, neglected, must fend for them self, have no resources, illness, and much much more.

Why am I not just THANKFUL? Why do I STINK?!

WHY AM I RANTING? WHY DO I ANNOY YOU PEOPLE? I’m sorry I’d be pissed at me if I were you people.

I forgot to dip Zoe…

A bi*t$%y panda,


3 comments on “I’M TERRIBLE…

  1. If I comment then that wouldn’t really help because commenting isn’t talking in real life.
    But if I were commenting then I’d say that we all act selfishly (some a tad more than others).
    And if I were commenting then I’d be insulting myself because I hate my untalented brain.
    Alas, this isn’t actually commenting.
    So this ain’t no comment worth commenting.

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