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My Worst Nightmare


Yes on the piano. Besides darling Simple and Clean/Hikari that is. All others are simply horrifying, but of course the just have to sound so AWESOME AND AMAZING WHILE THE MOOD IS SO EPIC TO SOO SERENE!

Kingdom Hearts music is sooo awesome. Video game music is awesome…. Usually.

First on my learn list



Not as bad as Touhou stuff, but that’s cuz Shmarah can do anything she puts her mind to.

Oh here’s another one

And Roxas (I’ll learn this first since it’s easier)

Oy Oy Roxas is slow and less hard ^^ yay! I wanna play Other Promise though. Awesome song epic. Just epic.

THERE’S NO INK IN THE PRINTER!!! WAAAHH???!!!! Useless looking for the music now….


The piano teacher forgot about us today, the only reasom I didn’t go to Julie’s TT.TT I’M SOORYY! I’M A FAAAAIIIL I DIDN’T GO AND AND I’M SORRY!

I started a panda plush though…. A knit one. Patterns are easier to find for crochet though.

A musically distressed panda,



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