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Mouth Injuries?

Biting the side of my mouth, cutting my tongue on a lollipop, and now a swollen part of my lip from a door?! REALLY?! And after my fail at the mile run none the less. Let’s see.




WTF?! UP 3 SECONDS EACH YEAR! Either somethings wrong with the timer, or somethings wrong with me

I got my girl scout cookies too BTW I went with all the boxes in hand and the door hit my lip, which now must have something cold on it. Pat, where’s your heart? I need it.

Sorry Pat, couldn’t resist. Your “opinions” were too mean.

Awww man my froan rice dumpling thawed. AAAAnnnd the lip is swelling up again… over 100 words. hm fine.

A awkward mouthed panda,



One comment on “Mouth Injuries?

  1. Err… Weellllllll, I beat you in the mile!! ^-^ Hehe. I bite my tongue a lot. It hurts. Hehe.

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